Inspirational Athlete.. Edwin Moses (400mH)

Edwin Corley Moses.. what can we say about him? Despite the fact is arguably one of the most consistent athletes in Track and Field history, he was definitely one of the smartest, being an incredibly talented physicist.

What do I mean by a consistent athlete? Well I think Edwin certainly sets a standard for such a label, as between 1977 and 1987, he won 122 consecutive races, with 107 of them being finals. 122 races! Unbeaten for 10 years! Such a feat had never been experienced before in athletics, and I believe it will be an extremely long time until we see anybody come close to this. In those 10 short years, Moses managed to collect 7 gold medals, from The Olympic Games, World Championships and the IAAF World Cup (which does not exist anymore, but hopefully will someday. His medal collection could of been even more magnificent, if the USA didn’t boycott the 1980  Moscow Olympics. Over his unbeaten streak, he also managed to break his own world record on 4 different occasions, which is not a surprising number for a man who only had the clock to race.

To make Edwin even more magnificent, he was also an innovative reformer in the areas of Olympic eligibility and drug testing. He kept our sport clean, which we can all surely appreciate.

After setting personal bests in the 400m Hurdles (47.02) and 400m (45.60), and after winning 122 consecutive races, the king of the track was finally dethroned by fellow american: Danny Harris on June 4th 1987. In his final race, Moses took bronze at the 1988 Olympics in Soeul, and left the racing scene behind him. Yet he never left athletics, he always did what he could to keep the sport clean and fair, and became chairman of the Laureus World Sports Academy, whom aim to increase the participation of sport at every level.

A legend, and a hero: Edwin Moses, born on August 31st, 1955.

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